Merry Christmas Comic Fans! ūüéĄ A Letter from Artist Steve Rude

Merry Christmas Comic Fans! ūüéĄ A Letter from Artist Steve Rude

Dear All,
So this is Christmas.  It's many things to many people.  I haven't asked aliens what they celebrate, but they may have some red-suited gift-giver bringing annual cheer to the Greys.
Are you...experienced?
So, have you all been productive during this soon to be over year?  2023 has given us an entire 365 earthly revolutions to do what I believe smart people are meant to do with their time here--accomplish something--by doing what is most important while you're still here.
 Since releasing the first hardcover volume of all new Nexus stories, beginning with The Coming of Gourmando,  you may rejoice that the promised second hardcover volume of these Nexus books is nearly done.  101 pages make up the story alone.  If I didn't pick at things so much, the book would be done sooner. 

The hidden story--revealed in Volume 2
For those in the know about Nexus's history and its long-standing cast of characters, you may have occasionally wondered why fellow Thunes, Dave (the wise), and Judah (the big), have been absent in the strip for so long.  The intense drama (and occasional humor) featured within The Battle for Thuneworld, will finally reveal the truth.

Something to remember
Long enduring, classic books like Nexus have a highly discerning readership.  If a story doesn't deliver, the author (myself in this case) may expect to be stoned and buried at sea.  Utilizing everything the past 40 years have taught me, you'll see for yourself if hit the mark.

You'll be happy to know...
...that Mighty Mike Baron is now manning his own Nexus tales.  Mike as you know, is the creator of Nexus, and is as busy as he's ever been in his long career.  The constant volley of novels, comics, and whatever else he's in production of is really something to look into.  Mike's writing routine has him at the keyboard by 5 a.m. a time before most of us obtain conscious thought, and doesn't quit until he's satisfied of the day's production.  You hear it all the time...once you reach a certain age you're supposed to slow down and reach for the easy chair.  Nonsense.  I have yet to see that in Mike.
Many of you have felt the urge to inquire--exactly what is the difference in our individual takes on the characters we've co-created?  For my part, the comments mostly seem to center on...well, never mind--why spoil it with what other's say?  You're better off just having to read yourself.

The most important thing I can impart before another Christmas takes its bow into yesteryear, is that I expect the rest of my life will be devoted to creating new Nexus adventure.  Glenn Whitmore is back on the Nexus team coloring--all else that makes a comic come to life will rest squarely in my hands.

Can Christmas be both relaxing and productive?  Consider writing in to tell me.  May the peace this special day can bring go to those most in need.

Steve Rude
Dec. 24th, 2023
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