The Plan for the Future of Nexus

The Plan for the Future of Nexus

I'm finally caught up with all these commissions I had to do.  You know, the things that pay for a house, 3 cars, 4 pets, 2 kids in college, an occasional pizza, a pack of root beer, and if I'm lucky, possibly even some art supplies.  So I'm finally back on the next mega-volume writing, drawing, inking, and lettering Thuneworld.  

As many of you know, Baron and I have taken to our own separate versions and I, the humble Dude, am writing, penciling, lettering AND inking these mind blowing stories. 

If you have not yet picked up a copy of THE COMING OF GOURMANDO, you'll find an amazing story in an edition that is oversize in both page count and size. 

I am now working on BATTLE FOR THUNEWORLD.  This massive 100-page story will take me approximately 6 months to write, pencil, letter and ink.  We hope to send it off in 10-20 page segments to the colorist.

As I work through the dialog, I'm learning that writing is 2 things:

1.   Describing the scenes clearly.  People must able to always follow your story.
2.  Using the best words to describe something.
"A redacted outpost."  "Hugely credentialed."  "That's a 'sub-optimal' plan, buddy." "Preassualt indicators." "Seismic Ballbuster." "Flash tan."  "Entrepreneurial judo."
Making the lines fun and memorable:  ( I only write the lines people remember...and love to recite! )
"You're part Vulcanian aren't you?  A pretty face won't affect him...unless he
 wants it to."


McCoy:  "Your victory won't bring back the dead, Jim!"
Kirk:  "No, but it might make them rest easier."

Into the light and onto the future...

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