ENDING JULY 31, 2015

07/29/2015 Update: Kickstarter is FUNDED

We have reached our $30k goal and are looking to our stretch goal with 2 days left and counting down!  Looking for 1,000 backers or $50,000

7/1/2015 Update: Kickstarter is LIVE!

07/01/2015 Update: Kickstarter will launch at noon PST

We are nearly ready to launch!  We have the count down set for noon and that's when it will be launched.  We've incorporated EARLY BIRD discounts and RETAILER levels along with an ANNIVERSARY APPEARANCE for Steve to appear at your favorite show or comic shop!

Here is a sneak peek of the backing options and the first view of the video!

06/17/2015 Update: Based on feedback we've added some new extras

  • RETAILER levels added to included paper only up to 60% discount plus we will stuff your box with extras!
  • CONVENTIONS - 2016 marks 35 YEARS of Nexus!  We want to celebrate and are accepting more shows.  We will have a level for Steve to attend your favorite show (check with us for availability first) plus you will receive all perks at the premium level.
  • Premium level subscribers will have archival safe paper and working with printer to see if paper can be shipped unfolded and signed by Steve and the writer (Mike Baron or Gary Martin)

06/05/2015 Update: We'd love to hear from you - what extras excite you the most?

Here are a few of the extras we'd like to give to our Kickstarter backers:

  • Digital strips delivered 1 week ahead of public release
  • Exclusive first look & option to purchase artwork from the strips
  • Premium level featuring extras each month (shirts, prints, etc)
  • Premium level receives copy of the original script each month
  • 1 Premium print subscriber will receive an ORIGINAL instead of a print.  Take a picture of you with the print and send it in - we'll print it in the next month's paper!
  • Some reward levels include Nexus lithographs, prints of the Nexus Ad (shown) in exclusive 11x17 size, and exclusive T-Shirt featuring that artwork
  • Stretch goal is Steve painting a new Nexus Family Portrait, signed exclusively for Kickstarter backers as others will be print on demand only
  • Usual assortment of prints, pen, notepad

What else would you like to see or what do you like most about the list? 

05/27/2015 Update: We took some time off to attend 3 conventions and Steve is going to spend 2 weeks doing commissions to allow him to take time off to work on the strip plus finance the Kickstarter Video!  Commission options are available at  We will begin a Kickstarter countdown when the video is completed and the strip will go live after all 35 strips are penciled.  The Kickstarter is allowing us to fund payment to the colorist, designer, Baron, and Rude!

04/22/2015 Update: The first story is 35 strips (some with multiple pages).  Steve has most of the first 20 completed and below is a sneak peek of Strip #1 (page 1 of 4)